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I want to share with you that you are Sacred.  I honor  and respect You.  I work with a team of
Guides for my work upon this planet and the healing, messages, and Knowing come from the Divine.  
Everything upon this earth is interwoven, inter-related and connected. We are multi-dimensional
Be-ings capable of Limitless Power. I honor my work. I honor the One, the Divine, Source, God. I
honor you as you are me and I am you. I honor the blade of grass and the bear for we all are One. I
will not give any visions that take away your choices or your free will. It is my intention that all
healing and or information shared is for your Highest Good. I will my will to be the Will of The One.

Your safety and confidence is always top  priority.  
-  Anita Kuhn Carria

We all have angels with us in every
moment of our lives. We have Guardian
Angels and Guides that are with us for
a lifetime and some are with us for a
specific purpose only. Angels want to
assist us and help us in our lives, but
we must ask them.  I enjoy giving Angel
Readings. These readings give insight
to what we need to do on a Spiritual,
Emotional, and Physical level.
angel readings / messages

Every thought, gesture, feeling, word or deed
that you have ever had or will have is
recorded in the Akashic Records which are
an Energetic Record. Archangel Metratron
(Enoch) is the Keeper of the Akashic
Records.  You may ask why it is that you
cannot accomplish a task or ask what is your
relationship - with anyone(or ones). What
may not be asked is information about
another.  I find it truly amazing to see others
as Spirit sees them when going into the
Akashic Records.
Healing from Source is powerful. It is always my
intention that it is for the Highest Good of the
Receiver.  Stage IIIB and IV cancer patients, burn
victims, injuries, toxic poisoning, surgery, mental illness
are among some of the many things that can be
Healed by Spirit

                 SOURCE HEALING


The "Presence of the Mighty I AM"
abides within the Electronic Body of
every individual. This "Presence" is
the Mighty One within, the God Self of
every individual. When the individual
acknowledges, accepts and
understand and feels this "Beloved
Might I AM Presence" its limitless
powers are released for the use of the

It is with discipline and through
consciousness that one can release
this Limitless Power of his or her "I
AM Presence."   Jesus said, "All these
things I have done, ye shall do and
even greater things shall ye do."  
Returning to your "I AM Presence" is
an act of Love. Pure Love.

This service will be available only
through scheduled Spiritual Retreats.
Those who Have Crossed Over

Death is in body only. We are Energetic Beings
that use our bodies as vehicles to experience
the physical Earth.  I think of our bodies as a
Temple of the One, a Temple of MY God Self, my I
AM Presence.  When it is time to step out of the
garment we have chosen to wear for this
experience, our Spirit continues. It may help to
think of science, Energy cannot be destroyed.
As with all Source/Divine Healing, Integrated Energy
Therapy ( IET )  is as effective long distance as it is
in person

This modality uses a High Frequency Violet healing
ray that heals emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

To learn what IET does and its benefits,
click here.
Whenever we think of a loved one who has returned to Spirit form, that loved one is with
us at that moment. One may smell their scent or their favorite food.  Spirit may show their
presence by a familiar song on the radio or even the fall of a magazine opening up to a
specific photo.

It is an honor to be of assistance in helping others experience closure and or peace. To
bring in your loved one is full of love and joy. Bringing in a loved one is possible for an
individual or a family.
The "Presence of the Mighty "I AM"
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